What is the significance of life?

During the life we get up early, wearing, harry up to the job, school. We do our duties, get success, have a rest, joy the life. We earn money, spend it and again earn… Days after days we run, hurry up but anyway don’t catch time. And even we find time to stop and ask ourselves: ”For what we hurry up and what is the real significance of life? ”

Maybe it’s necessary to slow a little the beat of our life, to look around…Do something different for relatives and friends and tell how deep is our love for them…And maybe somebody near You need Your help or advice…

Lev Tolstoy said «To believe in good, you must start to do it».

Probably our Kind Letters will help You to answer for all this difficult questions.

We recommend reading 1 letter in a day and possibly do everything that are written in a letter. We wish You good luck in Your good deeds!

P/s. Dear friend! You are kindly requested to send this letter for all your friends and probably some of them will join our project. We will be very grateful if You ask Your friends how did they like Kind Letters. Please, don’t let the chain of Kind Letters to stop on You. Send the letter for Your friends!

Letter 1.

We are very glad that You have decided to join us and start to do good deeds.

Your fist good deed for today: start to read web-site www.delodobroe.ru to lear more about our projects that You can join. After that fill in the Form for Fund memebers and send it to info@delodobroe.ru. From this form we can learn how You can help in good deeds.

Have a nice mood!

P.S. Call your parents, just ask them how is going? They will be very happy!

Letter 2.

Glad to see You again, my friend. How are You? I am sure everything is perfect! Did You make Your first good deed? If “no” – you should do it, if “yes” – we can continue right now.

This is the second good deed for You: I am sure that You and Your friends have books, toys, clothes, shoes that you will never use. Please, collect all of them, clean it up, repair and pack it. Find adresses and phone numbers of institutions in your city that can use all this things (children communities, home for the eldery, church, etc.) Call them and give a present with all you have collected.

Write about it at our page or on web-site “Vkontakte”, “Odnoklassniki”, “Facebook”, and share with people which feelings did you get while doing good deeds.

We also want to give a present for You! You can get it on this link. ()

P/s. Call your best friend and teel him or her about your love.

We wish You good like in good deeds!

Letter 3.

Hello!How did you speak with your friend? It is interesting to know did You like our presenet form last letter?

And here you are our third good deed. Do You want to give a present for all the members of Charitable Foundation “Good Deed”? Find in internet files about kindness and significanse of life similiar that You got from last Letter and send us to e-mail info@delodobroe.ru. If there is no file like this in our collection we will put it on our page and we will mention that this is the present from You for all our members.

Congratulations! You have already done 3 of good deeds.

P.S. Lets smile tomorrow morning and wish a good luck for 3 persons you dont know – you will get a good mood for all day.

And here is a small present - A Presentation “IF” for You.

Letter 4.

What a wonderful day! Yesterday You had difficult task. What was the reaction of people You wished good luck? They were surprised? Or You couldn’t do that step – to talk with unknown person? Try it, don’t be afraid – You will get a lot of wonderful emotions.

This is Your 4th Good Deed: send all your friends invitation to join our group. Share with them your impressions about your first good deeds.

Call or send a thankful message to a person who invited You to join our project.

Have a nice mood!

p.s. Call a person with whom You are at issue and say sorry. Good luck!

Letter 5.

We are very glad that You are on the right way. We wonder how many of your friends have joined our project? Think again, maybe You forgot to invite somebody? Don’t let them catch a chance to join our project.

Dear Friend, do You have something to share with members of our group? Let them know about Your impressions on our page “Vkontakte” or “Odnoklassniki”.

This is Your 5th Good Deed: our project make about 60 charity events in a month. Photos and description about last events You can find at our page as “Conducted Events”. You can join next event and give your love and caring for children. Also You can donate money. The information how You can donate money You can find at our page. If it possible do it regularly. It doesn’t matter how much it can be: 10 rubl, 100 rubl, 500 rubl. It is important to take part.

In our next letter we will open the secret about money donation, and for today some words from the Bible “A person that gives loans to a pauper gives loans to the Lord, and the Lord will give it back for beneficence ” (Parables 19:17).

P.S. Buy a kilogram of chocolates and give it for everyone who work with you. Have a nice mood!

Letter 6.

Congratulations! You have passed half the way and have done 5 Good Deeds! Did your friends like chocolates? Did everybody get it? In our last Letter we promised to open a secret about donations. Be ready, this secret can change all your life…


Don’t You believe? Try it and you will understand.

This is the 6-th Good Deed: become a friend for one child from children community. Find addresses of children communities in your city. Come to one of this community and play with children. Don’t forget to buy chocolates for them. Become a friend for children and start talk by phone regularly with them. Be sure this connection will get a lot of pleasure to your life.

Have a nice mood!

P.S. Take an empty garbage package, put all the garbage around you in it, clean the floor, change a light bulb and clean the territory around your home.

Good luck with you good deeds!

Letter 7.

Hello! You have already done a lot of good deeds. Thank You very much. We can answer with a pleasure to all your questions you have faced during doing good deeds. Our contact e-mail is info@delodobroe.ru

This is your 7-th Good deed: we want as much as possible members in our project. And You can help us in it. Send all your friends a message to join our group.

For information put a link for web-site www.delodobroe.ru on your webpage “Vkontakte” or “Odnoklassniki”. You can also send a link for one of our presents we gave to you.

Take a present from us. Here you can download a collection of fairy tales (www.delodobroe.ru/content/pesniskazki)

P.S. Buy a present for your husband or wife, friend or child and spare this evening with your family.

Have a nice and sweet evening today!

Letter 8.

Glad to see you again!

How was your evening yesterday? Did you enjoy it? And what about your family? If you couldn’t do it yesterday do it on weekend for sure.

This is the 8-th good deed: did you like children songs and fairy tales? You can also give a present for children from the community. Send any sum of money with remark “Present CD with songs and fairy tales” and we will make disks and send them by post to children community.

P.S. Find your old friends on web-sites “Vkontakte” or “Odnoklassniki” and have a talk with them. Good luck!

Letter 9.


Our lessons of good are going to be finished. Today is the 9-th lesson. It is a pity. But a very good surprise is waited for you. Which one? Let’s wait till tomorrow…

This is your 9-th good deed: did you find any changes in your life after you start do good deeds? For sure you found it, If you did all our recommendations from the letters. Are people surprised? Which question they ask you? Let us know about it on our page “Vkontakte” or “Odnoklassniki”. Continue to do good deeds and help somebody. We will be very glad, If you or your friends have an opportunity to put a link or banner on the site. You can download banners from here.

Let’s promote our web-site – just do it first web-page on your PC.

p.s. Stay alone this evening, listen good music and think about good deeds you have made for the last days. See you again!

Letter 10.

Hello, my friend! Congratulations – today is the last lesson of Good Deeds. We are very glad that you have passed this way of kindness…but this is only beginning of the way. A way of long life. Before continue we would like to give you an opportunity to listen a Hymn Of Kindness at our page in section “Audio”. This child song is full of philosophy.

Lev Tolstoy said “To believe in Good you should start to do it”

For the last days you have changed a lot, you became more kinder, more attentive to people. A lot of people got your love and care. And it means that World around you became better! In our last letter we promised a surprise. Here you are!

Today is the last day and you get last good deed you have to do. But it will be very different and wonderful. If you do it all your life will change at once. Are you interested?

The 10-th Good deed. Collect around you people who are sharing your mission and start together do something good: help lonely people, children, start to make your own project or just join our projects and start to do it in your city. We will help you in all your questions and difficulties and share our experience.

Call us : +7-961-777-3223

Wr?te us: info@delodobroe.ru

We are always ready to help you!

Thanks a lot for your open heart!

We wish you to live every day as a small life. Continue do good deeds.

Good luck and God bless You!

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